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Golf Divot Repair Tool w/ Ball Marker

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Keep the green pristine with this customized ball marker divot tool. The divot tool’s sharp steel prongs help lift and stretch the grass back in place, virtually eliminating all signs of divots and scuffs left behind by golf balls and clubs. With this ergonomically designed handle, repairing the grass has never been easier.

When you’re ready to repair a ball mark or pitch mark, press the button on the top of the handle. The steel prongs will flip open like switchblade. Insert the prongs into the green surrounding the mark. Push the tool towards the middle of the ball mark. Repeat this step around the perimeter of the ball mark. Lightly tap the ball mark with a putter or your foot to smooth the green. To close, hold the button while folding the prongs back into the side of the handle. Enjoy golfing on a perfectly smooth green course!

Get your company’s logo engraved on the ball markers!

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