Special Gifts for the Special People in Your Life

The Story of Olivet Designs

Olivet Designs began as a dream in 2016. Owners Chris and Hannah Sprague, inspired by their love for one another and their joy in giving each other thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts, dreamed of being able to help others do the same. After 3 years of planning and brainstorming how they might go about it, the opportunity arose to purchase and expand an existing laser engraving business that was already working to help people bring their custom gifts ideas to life. What a perfect chance to see their dream become a reality! With the help of friends and family (and the local Credit Union), Chris and Hannah purchased the business in 2019, and immediately began expanding its scope. That expansion continues to this day, as we seek to add to our list of available products, expand our base of customization options, and improve all of our processes to ensure you the highest quality products and the greatest service at a reasonable price.

Meet Our Team

Chris Sprague

Chris brings a wide range of work experience to bear on Olivet’s operations. On the business side, he spent 13 years working in retail operations large and small. By the end of his time in the industry, he was General Manager of a store that did over $1m in annual sales and had a staff of 12-15 people at any given time. His time in retail management gave him all of the training in business analytics and process management that he would need to make major improvements on an existing business. After leaving retail, Chris moved into manufacturing, where he works as a CNC Programmer and Machinist. This has given him the technical capabilities to not only get great results out of our machines, but also to improve our manufacturing processes in a way that allows us to keep costs down and pass the savings onto you! Chris is currently in charge of Operations and Production for Olivet.

Hannah Sprague

Hannah also draws on a wide range of experiences and skills when working for Olivet. She’s been an artist from childhood. She’s been drawing, cross-stitching, and latch-hooking since her preteen years. She also taught herself how to make chainmail-inspired jewelry about 5 years ago. In fact, her jewelry was some of the early inspiration for what would one day become Olivet Designs! She still does jewelry work on the side as the mood strikes her. In addition to her artistic talent, she spent close to 10 years working in childcare, the last 5 of which were spent running her own Daycare. Her experience running her own business for 5 years has been extremely helpful in running things behind the scenes at Olivet. Hannah currently runs our Design department, as well as handling our bookkeeping.

Onnaka Belton

Onnaka joined the team as a general shop hand for the Christmas 2019 season. As Olivet has continued to grow its business, Onnaka has taken on a larger role throughout 2020. She currently works as a Designer on the Design team, as well as a Machine Operator on the Production team.

Kira Belton

Kira joined our team in 2020 to help us meet our growing logistical needs. She currently works as our Logistics Manager and Outside Sales Representative. Kira is in the final stages of completing her doctorate in Physical Therapy, and hopes to work in Pediatrics after graduation.